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Need a Speaker? Book Our Founder! 

Originally from Hallsville, Texas, Micah Lyons now lives and works full time in Hollywood as a Producer, Director, Screenwriter, and Actor.  Lyons is a classically trained actor and has a BFA Acting Degree from the Top-Ten Nationally Ranked Theatre Program at Texas State University.  Lyons has been cast in a bevy of movies, TV shows, plays, and commercials over the last decade and has a passion for teaching people how to follow in his foot-steps while making a difference with their art.

Apart from showbiz, Lyons is an active public speaker and host.  He has given speeches at premiere events from LA to Vegas and from Dallas all the way to the east coast! Lyons is passionate about helping people and raising awareness for social and humanitarian issues. He serves up a unique comedic wit, intertwined with true conviction as he speaks from the heart and brings people together to face issues head on. His latest speech was at the Rotary Club International Conference in Dallas, Texas. With hundreds in attendance, Lyons shared in depth about his life and career in Hollywood as well as his ideas as to what we can do together to alleviate human trafficking in the USA.  Lyons is currently available for bookings at a wide range of events and is eager to use his platform to inform and transform minds in a positive way, especially with young people! 

The Runners 

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