Micah Lyons Acting Studio

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Monday Evenings
Sept. 20 - Oct.18
(5 weeks)


Kids (8 to 15) 

4:30pm - 6pm

Adults (16 & Up) 6:30pm - 8:30pm

3122 Nealy Way Longview, Texas ***Conference Room: A***


Plus one time service fee of  3.5%.

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This session will be held in CONFERENCE ROOM "A" at WORKSMART in Longview, Texas, which is right next to Mobberly Baptist Church (the actual address is 3122 Nealy Way). The session will consist of in-depth on-camera scene study as well as advanced audition technique and prep.  Actors will be expected to be "off book" (ie: fully memorized/prepared) to perform each week on camera with their peers.  Ours kids class will stay right on schedule each week but the adult class (usually larger) will often run a little long so that students can get the very most out of it. However, no one is required to stay past 8:30pm. We know that some of the students in the adult class will have school or work early the following morning. If that is you, be sure to let the instructor know so that you can perform your scene/s early in the class and leave on time at 8:30pm. 

You will learn just as much (possibly more) from watching your peers perform their scenes and hearing the instructor's feedback than you will from being in front of the camera yourself.  So, be sure to bring pen and paper for note-taking.  CELL PHONES, TABLETS, and LAPTOPS will NOT be permitted in either class.

Dress appropriately with your character in mind. Feel free to bring small props or set design elements that help you act out your scene/s.  ABSOLUTELY NO WEAPONS (toy guns with orange tips are ok) , NO SMOKING, NO ALCOHOL. 

Once you've taken any of the classes offered through our studio, you will be eligible for exclusive audition opportunities that are only offered to our students.  Over a dozen of our students have booked roles in new movies and commercials over the past year alone.  We take this class very seriously and use it as a way to introduce technique, sharpen skills, and directly present new professional opportunities to our students.  The studio is a great place for some to decide if acting is right for them, while others are sharpening their skills and working professionally all over Texas and beyond. Regardless of where you are on your show-biz journey, we would love to have you come grow with us! 

For our very first class, please prepare a 2-3 minute (max) monologue from a film, TV show or play.
Please do NOT pick an iconic monologue that everyone will immediately recognize.  Select a piece that feels relatable and emotionally motivating for yourself.  Also, please select a piece that you feel you could've been cast in if you had gotten the opportunity.  It should be appropriate for your age, type, etc.  Example of what not to do: An 8 year old playing a grandmother. This only works in amateur theatre. We are working in the professional realm of film and TV in this class and all roles should reflect that. Lastly, please keep it PG if you are in the kids class or PG-13 if you are in the adult class. We are not looking for shock value or anything that would be considered racy.  Just good, strong material that makes sense for you as an actor.   



Micah Lyons  is a professional Producer, Screenwriter, Director, Distribution Consultant, and Actor who has optioned, sold, and produced multiple scripts/movies, appeared in over a dozen TV shows and movies, sold over a dozen films internationally, directed and acted with A-List Talent and much more! Lyons and his companies Breath of Life Productions and Lyons Family Studios have 3 movies in production this year and will be producing at least two more new movies/series by the end of 2022!  Lyons has a BFA Acting Degree from Texas State University and held a coveted seat in the Nancy Banks Acting Studio in Hollywood, alongside an elite list of fellow actors such as Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Mandy Moore, Forest Whitaker, Julianne Hough, etc.  Apart from acting, Lyons has served as Head of Finance for multiple Hollywood Production Companies as well as holding Executive level positions such as Chief Creative Officer (CCO), International Film Sales, Head of Production and Head of Talent Management.  Lyons has helped a bevy of films secure financing, work out packaging details and get films made and even more importantly... distributed worldwide!  THIS is where Micah is such a valuable asset to any feature film. His vast understanding of the business side of filmmaking helps him strategically put together and sell movies that have the ability to make solid returns over and over. Currently, Micah is co-writing a female driven thriller with a prolific Canadian Executive Producer whose most recent films have starred names such as Keanu Reeves, Henry Cavill, Ben Kingsley, Marisa Tomei, Alice Eve, Sophia Vergara, Anthony Mackie,  Michael Shannon and many more!  Lyons and Breath of Life Productions are currently developing a slate of new films and series including the adaptation of a Best Selling Western Novel, a handful of exciting action/thrillers, and one faith-based/music film, all slated for production in 2021/2022.  One of Micah's biggest passions in life is teaching and sharing his knowledge with others. First and foremost, he is a people person and loves to build fruitful and lasting relationships with fellow professionals while mentoring those interested in taking on this very exciting industry.