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Breath of Life Productions, LLC is a television and motion picture development and production company with locations in Hollywood, California and Longview, Texas.  The company was Founded in 2012 by Micah Lyons, who serves as President and Executive Producer.  With strong partnerships around the globe and a deep, power-packed  intellectual library, Breath of Life Productions is poised to become a top tier production company and household name very soon!  


Our mission is to "Breathe Life" into the hearts, minds and souls of people everywhere through powerful, thought-provoking, and commercially viable storytelling in almost every genre.  


At Breath of Life Productions, we are dedicated to using our talents and resources to create a positive impact on the world.  We do this by making a stand for social and humanitarian causes that we believe in strongly and hold dear within the moral fabric of our company.   This is accomplished through :

A) The themes and/or subtle messages in the movies that we produce, regardless of genre. 

B) Partnering with various non-profit organizations to help in any practical way that we can.  

C) Using our Hollywood-sized platform to speak about, and raise awareness and/or money for various issues. 

D) Contributing financially to causes directly from the profit that our movies generate in the worldwide market. 


LOCKDOWN (Action/Thriller) When a crazed militia led by "Rex" (Kevin Nash - WWE, John Wick, Magic Mike) decides to wipe out the homeless population in an attempt to survive a new and ultra deadly strand of COVID, a former military hero named "Hap" (David Ford) is forced to take them on all by himself in order to save his little sister. 

OFF THE GRID - (Action/Suspense; Currently in Pre-Production) Fugitive Jake Parsons and his family are on the run, pursued by cops, an angry mob, and Connor Boltz (the brother of one of Jake's victims), who’s now hell bent on revenge - but things aren’t always what they seem, as a dogged investigator learns when she uncovers evidence pointing to Jake's potential innocence. (Writer/Director, Micah Lyons; Producers - Micah Lyons & Chris Routhe) 

The Runners - (Action/Suspense/Thriller) Ryan Stevens must raise his rebellious teenage sister all by himself after their parents die in a tragic car accident.   And just when he thinks things can't get worse, she gets abducted by ruthless human traffickers who are hell-bent on selling her to the Mexican Cartel.  Now, Ryan is in a race against the clock to save her before she disappears forever.  (Written, Co-Directed, & Produced By Micah Lyons;  Starring Micah Lyons, Netty Leach, Joey Loomis, Jason Kennedy, Tom Sizemore, Neal McCoy and Glenn Morshower) 

Perdition - (Western/Action) Just as Sam finishes covering up his brother's gastly crimes in an attempt to save their good family name, a desperate and battered woman appears on his doorstep begging for shelter from her pursuers.  Now, Sam is forced to choose between exposing himself by protecting a complete stranger and maintaining his family's long and rich history of power and reputation. (Written and Directed By Paul Foster, Produced by Micah Lyons) 

Don't Let Me Down - (Drama/Suspense)  He has it all:  A successful career, the perfect family, and nothing but blue skies ahead... Until he makes one terrible mistake that changes his entire world forever. (Short Film - PSA; Written, Directed, and Produced by Micah Lyons) 

No Man's Land - (Western/Action-Comedy)  When Rusty's  wife is kidnapped by a murderous bandit, he is forced to team up with a strong-willed Native American woman in order to track her down. Now, this 1870's pair from the opposite side of the tracks are forced to become friends as they fight their way across the old west to save the damsel in distress.  

(Written, Directed, & Produced By Micah Lyons;  Starring Chris Routhe, Lorena Andrea, & Brooke Lyons)

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